Mounting procedure

Size 1400 mm - 3200 mm without mounting corner

S - rotors (segmented rotors)
B - casing (divided casing)

Mounting procedure1

Final assembly at the application site:

Delivery of a rotorsystem comes in three parts:

  1. Casing bottom part with premounted rotor half, pre-mounted motor block and inspection openings on both sides (R).
  2. Casing top part without mounting corner with side panels
  3. Segments still to be mounted

Detailed assembly instructions are included with the shipment papers.

Mounting procedure2

At first the rotor is assembled completely according to the sequential segment labels before the casing top part is put on. The assembly can be carried out quickly and easily in this manner.

Mounting procedure3

After the rotor is completely assembled, the casing top part is put on from the side. Be especially careful in doing so as not to damage the rotor heat storing mass.
Important: For this type sufficient space needs to be taken into account next to the rotorsystem or sufficient height between floors.

Mounting procedure4

The example on the left shows how the casing top part is mounted from above. There needs to be sufficient height between floors.

After the V-belt has been mounted and the speed regulation device has been connected, the side panels are mounted and the seals are adjusted. The rotorsystem is ready for operation.

Mounting procedure5

Important Note:

Segmented rotary heat exchangers can be ordered and delivered with pre-assembled rotor halves or without pre-assembled rotor halves.

Pre-assembled rotors shorten and simplify assembly at the end-use site.

An order with a pre-assembled rotor half should, however, only take place if it can be ensured that the pre-assembled rotor can be carefully transported to the end-use location. Shocks and impacts must be avoided, the component must not be tilted and should always be supported in the middle!

If the transport situation is unclear or problematic, the rotary heat exchanger must be ordered without a pre-assembled rotor half.

Please do not hesitate to contact us  in order to clarify the best possible solution for your application.