Rotorsystem 500

for temperatures up to 500°C

Rotorsystem 500

Functional principle

The cold gas/air flow is fed through one half of the rotorsystem 500 while the warm gas/air flow is fed in counter-flow through the other half of the heat storing matrix. The flow through channels become alternately air streamed through with cold gas/air and hot gas/air in opposite directions, whereby the hot gas/air flow gives off heat to the turning heat storing mass.

When the cold gas/air flow meets the warmer rotor material a heat exchange takes place between rotor material and the cold gas flow flowing through because of the existing temperature difference. The cold gas flow is steadily heated as it passes through the rotor. In the opposite direction the heat dissipation takes place from the warm gas flow to the rotor material.

rotorsystem 500

The rotorsystem 500 is a rotary heat exchanger with turning metal heat storing mass with the purpose of transferring energy from one air resp. gas stream to the other in high temperature applications.

Employment and application range

For process air technologieplants with media temperatures up to 500 °C. These rotorsystems are developed and constructed in each individual case together with the operator.

The devices are not manufactured in series.

Advantages of the rotorsystem 500

  • High heat transfer performance of over 90%
  • High performance density and compact construction
  • Low pressure drop
  • Separation of the air and gas flows by purge sector
  • Heat storing mass is insensitive to a large extent against soiling
  • Minimal depth of heat storing mass and straight passage ducts
  • Automated cleaning devices
  • High operational reliability based on decades of experience
Rotorsystem 500 structure