Arrangement of the air filters

Arrangement of the air filters

Supply air filter

The selection of the air filter is determined by the desired air quality of the supply air.
It is recommended that the air filter be aligned in the outdoor air after it has passed the rotor (see figure). A moisturisation and icing of the filter during the winter is thereby prevented.

Prefilter in the outdoor air

Rotorsystems are particularly insensitive against dry air contamination because of their self-cleaning features. The heat transfer takes place in rotors during stable laminar flow through the rotor heat storing mass.
A boundary layer forms to the walls of the rotor heat transfer mass ducts. This special heat transfer mass type and the smooth heat transfer mass surfaces prevent soil from settling within the rotor.

The rotor needs to be protected with an additional filter if there is sticky or greasy air contamination. For normal dirty outside air a filter is not needed to protect the rotor.

Exhaust air filter

No filter is necessary either to protect the rotor system if the exhaust air streams from the ventilation systems with minimal air contamination such as shopping centres, schools, office buildings and so forth.
A filtering of the exhaust air to protect the rotor is basically necessary where the exhaust air is contaminated with sticky or adhering contaminants such as in exhausts of spray-painting systems.

The surface of the rotor needs to be inspected at least once a year.
In case the surface is soiled, the cleaning can be done manually by vacuum with an industrial vacuum cleaner or automatically and depending on type of soiling with compressed air, water steam or special cleaning agents.

Further information on the rotor cleaning can be found in the respective operating instructions.

Automatic rotor cleaning

For employment of the rotorsystem under extreme conditions Lautner Energiespartechnik have developed automatic operating rotor cleaning systems.
In case an automatic rotor cleaning is requested, our comprehensive accessories program offers suitable cleaning devices for every application.