Inspection openings, air duct piping

Angled flow

To inspect the rotor is it necessary to provide for access in each air flow from both sides. The size of the inspection openings depends on the local conditions and should not be less than the minimum values listed in the adjacent table.

Inspection openings see VDI 6022 sheet 1

Inspection openings
Size mm Duct openings mm
600 - 800 4 pcs. 150x150
800 - 1500 4 pcs. 300x300
1500 - 1900 4 pcs. 500x500
 1900 - 2400 1 pcs 500x1200
3 pcs 500x500 
2400 - 5000 1 pcs 500x1400
3 pcs 500x500

Air duct piping

The extreme values of the outgoing air beyond the rotorsystem in the winter need to be observed for the air duct piping.

To avoid the creation of condensation it may be necessary to install an insulation in the outgoing air duct in air flow direction beyond the rotor system.

Angled flow

An even and vertical flow onto the rotor is necessary for a proper function of the heat recovery system. If it is not possible to have the air flow straight onto the rotorsystem because of space limitations, then it is recommendable to place vents at the rotor inlet to direct the air flow perpendicular onto the heat storing mass.