New English Parliament, London

13 rotorsystems with horizontal (lying) operating rotors are build into the roof superstructure. The roof superstructures are constructed as simultaneous air suction and air exhaust hoods.

Special rotor casings with rounded edges were constructed to accommodate the special conditions an constrained space. Each rotor consists of 6 rotor segments that are premounted in the Helmstedt works and are not installed into the rotorsystem casing until at the construction site.
The dimensioning of the rotorsystems was done very generous. The rotor inflow speeds were just 1.5 m/sec., the heat recovery oerformance of the rotor system lies above 90 %.


Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt / Main

The administration building of the Commerzbank in Frankfurt / Main is the tallest office building in Europe. The air conditioning is installed in 3 intermediate floors. The entire ventilation system is equipped with rotorsystems from Lautner Energiespartechnik.


Berlin Potsdamer Platz

The construction site on the Potsdamer Platz was the largest construction site in Europe during the mid 90s. The ventilation systems of all building areas are equipped with rotorsystems. Lautner Energiespartechnik supplied more than hundred rotorsystems with rotor diameters of 1500 mm to  4500 mm for the entire complex, consisting of the debis office buildings, shopping centres, cinemas and a swimming pool.

Berlin Potsdamer Platz

Volkswagen AG, Kaluga

"With the launch of our new assembly plant in Kaluga, the Volkswagen Group has finally arrived in the emerging Russian market. With the local production of vehicles of Volkswagen and Skoda in the emerging city of Kaluga we now have the chance to increasingly benefit from the rapid growth of the Russian automotive market, "Winterkorn said in Kaluga.

To ensure the desired air quality, the ventilation system of the plant is equipped with 11 Lautner rotary heat exchangers with automatic rotor cleaning device type EPRW.

VW Kaluga

Siemens AG, Krefeld

“As a manufacturing and development site of the Siemens Infrastructure & Cities, Rail Systems, High Speed and Commuter Rail, we actively contribute our share to a sustainable solution to transport problems. We optimize the safety and efficiency of transport systems.”

Here the Lautner rotary heat exchangers were installed in two different ventilation systems. In the related objects are production halls for the shell. In the air conditioning systems 2 rotary heat exchangers were installed with two different rotor diameters. There are rotors with a diameter of 2900 mm and 4150 mm used. The airflows for the both systems are 60.000 and 100.000 m3/h.

Siemens Krefeld