Economic efficiency

Economic efficiency
Due to changing legal determining factors and rising energy prices the importance of energy efficient buildings has grown.

When you study the overall energy balance of a building, then the decisive influence of the ventilation becomes clear. Humidity and odours need to be drawn out constantly to sustain a comfortable atmospheric environment and to not lessen the well-being of the people inside the building. Generally this processes is accompanied by major losses of heat.

Thanks to heat recovery with rotorsystems this loss of heat can be greatly reduced.
The amortisation periods are in most cases less than a year. The employment of a rotor system is worthwhile not only because of the significantly lower operating costs (see diagram 2).

The investment costs for the entire facility are also reduced. Rotorsystems can also be operated with low outside temperatures during the winter. Based on the high heat recovery performance many utilities (boilers, etc.) can be appropriately reduced in size.

Facts for calculating the annual operating costs savings:

Temperature efficiency

70%  85% 
System location: Stuttgart Stuttgart
Volume flow air: 50.000m³/h

(2x 25.000)

Required rotorsystem: 1 unit P-10-3350 2 units P-10-4000
Operating time: 10 hours per day
on 260 days a year
10 hours per day
on 260 days a year
Outside air heating, annual average: 9.5°C to 19.6 °C 9,5°C to 21.6 °C
Outside air before rotorsystem
(winter, -15°C):
-15°C to 12.2° -15°C to 18.4°C
Annual operating costs savings (Diagram 2) 16,250.98 € 21,128.98 €
 Standard prices for rotorsystems (Diagram 1) about 8400 € about 11300 € / unit
When comparing the standard prices of the required rotorsystems (see Diagram 1, above) and the respective annual operating costs that can be saved by rotorsystems (Diagram 2, right side) the extremely high efficiency of our systems become obvious.

Further information on the construction of rotorsystems can be found on the sheets on the layout diagram .

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