General information on rotorsystems

Lautner regenerative rotary heat exchangers:
  • Very high heat recovery performances
  • Low investment costs
  • Less space requirements
  • Less self-consumed energy
  • Low pressure drops
  • Power for rotor drive negligible
  • No freeze problems
  • No hazard due to toxic substances in the system such as glycol
  • Self-cleaning features
  • No additional filter to protect the rotary heat exchanger
  • Most modern electronic variable speed drive systems
  • Regulatable recovery performance
  • Automatic cleaning devices
  • Extensive auxiliary product range
  • No bypass flaps necessary
  • Indirect adiabatic cooling possible
  • If planned properly, the amortisation period is usually less than a year.
  • Eurovent certified performance

Since the 1970s rotorsystems have been installed in air conditioning plants and for nearly two decades Lautner Energiespartechnik GmbH has been manufacturing regenerative rotary heat exchangers in its Helmstadt factory. We continuously develop the quality of our rotorsystems further to comply with currently valid standards.

Thus the latest generation of Lautner Energiespartechnik rotorsystems conform to the requirements of the current DIN 6022 on hygienic requirements for ventilation systems. Modern variable speed drive systems guarantee high heat recovery performance at low self-consumed energy.

To provide you with the best possible design reliability we have the quality of our products and design software confirmed by regular control measurements. In 2005 we were the first German manufacturer of regenerative rotary heat exchangers to receive the Eurovent certification.

Prices for energy continue to rise and the legal determining factors will continue to drive the importance of energy efficient buildings further.
The trend that emerges from these developments is obvious: Renter and buyers of buildings will be better informed on the operating costs to be expected and investment incentives are created for operating on the market with buildings that have a high energy efficiency.

Lautner Energiespartechnik has for several decades now provided a significant contribution to the increase of energy efficiency in buildings. In the field of heat recovery, rotorsystems are the systems with the best heat recovery performance with simultaneously low investment costs.