Layout diagram

Layout diagram

The layout diagram is based on a rotor depth of 200 mm, rotor profile 10, speed 10 rpm. The specified performance data is based on the following conditions: air pressure 1013 mbar, air density 1.2 kg/m³, temperature 20 °C, operation with double purge sector.

The humidity efficiency value is not constant for the entire temperature range. The diagram is valid for the design of the P type series at an supply air temperature of -15 °C / 90 % r.H. and an exhaust air temperature of 22°C / 40% r.H.

The layout diagram is based on our design software certified by Eurovent.

Layout example:

A specified air flow rate of 15.000 m³/h and a targeted temperature efficiency of 73 % results in a face air velocity of 3.2 m/s and a pressure drop of 129 Pa. Required construction size: 2000 mm