Technical description

The regenerative rotary heat exchangers made by Lautner Energiespartechnik consist of three main components:

1. The rotors

Lautner Energiespartechnik manufactures rotors with diameters ranging from 500 mm to 5000 mm. The standard rotor depth is 200 mm. An outstanding feature of the heat storing mass is that it provides the greatest heat-exchange surface in the smallest space - a m³ storing mass contains 3000 m² heat exchange surface.

The cylindrical heat storing mass is continuously moved between the exhaust air and the supply air flow. In this the air flows in counter-flow through a multitude of heat storing channels that are parallel to the axis.

A special feature of the Lautner Energiespartechnik rotorsystems is the heat storing mass with a smooth even rotor surface. The parallel running air inflow edges of the incoming flow surfaces cause a reduction of the turbulences when the air flows into the rotor. The entry route until a stable laminar flow has been reduced to less than 1 mm in the rotorsystems from Lautner Energiespartechnik. Inside the rotor there is a steady laminar flow. Based on the laminar flow within the rotor there is a boundary layer to the heat transfer channel walls. This creates several benefits:

  • No soiling within the rotor
  • Self-cleaning effect
  • Complying to high hygienic requirements
  • Freezing is prevented

For the optimal multiple use of the sensitive or sensitive and latent heat energy contained in the exhaust air we offer different rotor types.

See also sheet: "types of rotors"

2. The casings

The shape of the casings that we manufacture for you is not limited; we can gladly customize to your needs. As a standard we offer stable welded frame constructions with casing panels made of sea-water-resistant aluminium or of galvanized steel sheet for various requirements. Adjustable rotor circumference and core seals as well as various purge sector systems guarantee high impermeability and high effectivity.

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3. The variable speed drive units

The variable speed drive units consist of a motor and a speed regulation device. The precise, gearless motors are mounted on an elastic motor console inside the casing. The speed regulation device can be mounted either inside or on the casing. The rotor is brought to the proper speed by a V-belt. The speed is controlled by the regulating device. Due to a high speed range our rotorsystem achieve great energy savings and low operating costs.

To drive our rotorsystems we offer various systems. of two reliable systems:

  • Variable speed drive units: rotortronic VVX
  • Variable speed drive units: rotortronic RHX

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Technical description