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Variable speed drive unit rotortronic RHX 19, 24 a. 34

The rotortronic RHX variable speed drive unit consists of a control unit and a gearless electronic step motor. The drive units RHX 19, 24 and 34 are superbly suited for the exact stepless speed regulation and a maximal heat recovery and high exploitation of the rotorsystem in the transfer range.

rotortronic RHX 19 for rotors up to a diameter of 1.9 m
rotortronic RHX 24 for rotors up to a diameter of 2.4 m
rotortronic RHX 34 for rotors up to a diameter of 3.4 m

The characteristics curve between the heat recovery efficiency and the set value has been linearised. Precise and low-noise drive without gears with constant torque across the entire speed range.

The connection of the speed control is done with monophase voltage.
1 x 230 V-AC ± 15 % , 50 Hz (60 Hz)

Power consumption at maximum load:
RHX 19 : 45 W
RHX 24 : 90 W
RHX 34 : 150 W

max. fuse: 16 A.
Control signal input: 0 - 10 V

The detailed operating instructions on the rotortronic RHX variable speed drive units can be found in the chapter on assembly, operation and maintenance as a pdf file in the download area.