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Variable speed drive unit rotortronic VVX 15, 25 and 35

The rotortronic VVX variable speed drive unit consists of a control unit and a gearless electronic step motor with reluctance motor. The motor cable is factory mounted for direct connection to the control unit. The variable speed drive unit is intended for the stepless speed regulation of the rotorsystems and an optimal heat recovery and high exploitation of the rotorsystem in the transition period.

Precise and low-noise drive without gears and with constant torque across the entire speed range.

rotortronic VVX 15 for rotors up to a
diameter of 1.5 m

rotortronic VVX 25 for rotors up to a
diameter of 2.5 m

rotortronic VVX 35 for rotors up to a
diameter of 3.5 m

The connection of the control unit is done with monophase voltage, 230 V, 50 (60) HZ. In case of under- or overvoltage the motor is stopped by the control unit and starts up again once the voltage returns.

The following control signals can be processed:

0 - 10V, 2-10V, 0-20V, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA,
Potentiometer 10 kOhm.

By adding auxiliary cards, it is possible to process further control signals.

Advantages of the rotortronic VVX 15 - 35:

  • Digital display of the operational status
  • Digital display of the rotor speed
  • Constant torque across the entire speed range
  • Automatic purging mode during the transfer period retains the self-cleaning effect. The rotor is turned by 30° every 15 minutes and remains clean because of the continuous purging operation.
  • Soft start - about 90 seconds start-up time till maximum speed
    Rotation monitoring
  • System of protection IP 54
  • Variable speed drive motor factory-equipped with 2.5 m special cable for direct connection to speed regulation
  • There is a continuous comparison of the set value and actual value made by an electronic tachometer built into the variable drive motor.
  • The integrated electronic motor protection makes the installation of an external motor protection unnecessary. In case of an overload the power supply to the motor is interrupted. For a restart the power supply to the controller needs to be interrupted for about 5 seconds.
  • Low-noise and low-wear, maintenance-free gearless motor
  • Low operating costs due to high effectivity
  • CE mark of conformity
The detailed operating instructions on the rotortronic VVX variable speed drive units can be found in the chapter on assembly, operation and maintenance or in the Internet as a pdf file in the download area.