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Variable speed drive unit rotortronic VVX 6

The rotortronic VVX 6 is the control unit for the variable speed drive system VVX 6 with gear drive for stepless control of rotary heat exchangers with constant torque across the entire speed range.

Rotortronic VVX 6 is employed for rotors up with a diameter of 3.5 m to 6.0 m.

The control has a soft-start function with a ramp time of about 90 seconds.

To ensure the self-cleaning effect an additional interval mode is run during the transition period for the purging operation. The rotor is turned by 30° every 5 minutes. This slight rotor rotation causes that no unwanted heat transfer takes place. The rotor remains clean due to the continuous rinsing operation.

There is a continuous comparison of the set value and actual value made by an electronic tachometer built into the rotortronic VVX 6 drive motor.

The integrated electronic motor protection makes the installation of an external motor protection unnecessary. In case of an overload the power supply to the motor is interrupted. For a restart the power supply to the controller needs to be interrupted for about 5 seconds.

The connection of the control is done with monophase voltage, 220 V, 50/60 Hz. In case of under- or overvoltage the motor is stopped by the controller and starts up again once the voltage returns.

Advantages of the rotortronic VVX 6

  • Constant torque across the entire speed range.
  • Automatic purging operation during the transition period; the rotor is turned by 30° every 5 minutes.
  • Soft start about 90 seconds start-up time till maximum speed is reached.
  • Display of the operational status

Further advantages when installing the rotation transmitter:

  • Digital display of the rotor speed
  • Rotation monitoring

The detailed operating instructions on the rotortronic VVX 6 drive units can be found in the chapter on assembly, operation and maintenance or in the Internet as a pdf file in the download area.