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The importance of energy-efficient buildings has achieved a new significance in the past years because of various influences. Changing legal determining factors, growing energy costs and the increasing dependence on external energy supplies continue to drive these trends onward.

We are proud to contribute an important component to the construction of economical buildings by our rotorsystems. The high efficiencies of our rotorsystems is regularly checked by inspection measurements in order to provide you with best possible planning reliability. In 2005 we were the first German manufacturer to receive the Eurovent certification.

We can provide you with the complete service encompassing the most efficient system for heat recovery in the field of air conditioning and process air technologie plants. In addition to a broad range of standard equipment, we design and manufacture for your special application.

Get in contact with us – and we will send you our Eurovent
certified calculation software
for rotary heat exchangers.




Rotorsystem Schemadarstellung
  Kondensator P Kondensator K Kondensator E Kondensator S
Wirkungsgrad - Druckverlust Kondensator P 16 Kondensator K 16 Kondensator E 18 Kondensator S 18
Kondensator P 10 Kondensator K 10 Kondensator E 12 Kondensator S 12
Kondensator P 05 Kondensator K 05 Kondensator E 07 Kondensator S 07